Event March 30, 2023


#DemocraticFutures Roundtable zur Output vs. Input-Legitimität in der demokratiepolitischen Debatte

Some citizens demand that politics should "just do its job", others complain that "politics does not listen to us". Both sides want to live their lives the way they want - and need different things to do so. Is this a contradiction between the focus on broad participation and tangible political results?

Observers currently see a narrowing of the debate to voting and participation, i.e. so-called input legitimacy. Isn't it precisely output legitimacy that is gaining in importance in competition with autocratic systems? Democratic governments are required to achieve visible successes and to communicate them well, in short: they should (also) deliver. But: Who considers which form of legitimacy more important and why?


We would like to discuss precisely this area of tension with you! Together with both Berli -based Think Tanks Das Progressive Zentrum and the Centre for Liberal Modernity, we invite you to the upcoming #DemocraticFutures Roundtable:

(Not) Only the result counts: Output vs. input legitimacy in the democratic policy debate

When? 30 March 2023 starting at 9 a.m.

Where? Werftstr. 3 in Berlin

Registration online here

On 30 March at 9 a.m. we want to discuss the following questions, among others, over coffee and croissants at Werftstr. 3 in Berlin: What legitimacy for whom? What factors determine whether output or input legitimacy is more important? What role do age, income, place of residence and other criteria play? Do current policies currently meet these different demands for legitimacy?

We discuss with Speaker:innen:

  • Patrizia Nanz, head of the Laboratory for Participatory Administration (BASE) and co-author of the book "Die Konsultative. Die Konsultative. Mehr Demokratie durch Bürgerbeteiligung" (Eng.: More Democracy through Citizen Participation)
  • Bernhard Weßels, Political Scientist, Centre for Civil Society Research, WZB Berlin

We look forward to a stimulating discussion!

If you have any questions, please do not hesistate to contact Alexandra Hunger.